I am a bit picky about which JRPGS i play, and this one I am very glad I got. Most aspects of the game are great, and don't push too many boundaries, but the characters really pushes this game to the next level. Very few, if any, games have made me feel like I truly know the characters in the game like Trails in the Sky did. Though long cut-scenes sound annoying (and are in most games), Trails in the Sky really does them well. There was never one that I wanted to skip, or did not care what was happening. All of them are filled with characterization, inside jokes, and interesting dialog. Though the actual plot of why the characters are adventuring is weak by itself, the interesting and deep party members make you care about the outcome. Whenever you meet a new party member, almost every time they seem to fit the mold for a JRPG stereotype. As you advance with them though, well-done characterization breaks the mold and shows them for the deep, unique characters that they are.


Though the combat is not earth shattering, it is a strong point to the game. It is tactical enough to make you put time and thought into  your actions, but not challenging to the point of furstration. The skill system is also supurb, making you really decide which attributes and moves are most important for each character.

All in all, Trails in the Sky is one of the best JRPGs i have played. The fun, addicting combat combines with some of the most memorable characters in the genre to make it a great game.