Anyone who gives FFXIII a 9.25 should get a dirty look. While I didn't think FFXIII was a terrible game, it certainly wasn't deserving of that high of a score.

The Last Story, however is totally worthy of a high score. As you can see, I don't feel it's deserving of a 10 since there are technical issues (camera is wonky is tight places, frame rate hitches, muddy textures in some places), but those are minor issues that won't hamper your overall enjoyment of the game. The story is charmingly cliche, and the battle system is a blast to play. Just make sure to turn the Attack Type to manual (found under Controls 2 in the Settings) or you're going to be doing a lot of watching instead of pushing buttons. 

All in all, I'm surprised that I'm playing my wii so much after a long hiatus. Xenoblade Chronicles and The Last Story have made for a wonderful swan song for nintendo's machine.