This reviewer is entirely too harsh on this game.  Do not let him dissuade you from buying this game, do not.  If you like RPGs at all, buy this game.  

1 - The story is solid.  I'm not sure what exactly this reviewer was expecting, but it's a good storyline and the characters are endearing.  Is it Shakespeare or the best ever story?  No.  Is it entertaining and enjoyable?  Yes.  I liked my teammates and so many times in the story I would find myself just going, "Yes Calista, run away with me".  Haha.  Voice acting is solid too.  

2 - The combat is fun.  Something that is particularly helpful is to go into the options and change the combat to manual, so that you need to press A to attack.  It helps you feel more involved in the fighting then simply moving in their direction and auto-attacking.  Regardless, this is one of the best combat systems I've ever played in an RPG.  You don't need to command your team all the time because they are a smart bunch.  You get a decent spate of abilities and they're pretty cool looking.  In how many other RPGs can you run up a wall and then come down with a massive sword strike?  

3 - Yes, a quest log would be helpful.  No, it is not a big loss in this game.  Mainly because unlike other RPGs this game is mostly story, not mostly sidequests.  I love Mass Effect and Xenoblade Chronicles, but those games are very sidequest heavy.  The Last Story has a few sidequests and mainly keeps you going on the main story.  As an RPG fan I have no trouble with this and have been having a good time.  The plot moves at a steady clip and quite frankly, if you're someone like me, who doesn't have as much time as they used to (family, work, etc), it's actually nice to have a game that isn't so bogged down with myriad fetch quests and kill x monsters.  Basically, what sidequests there are, you can totally keep track of them without a quest log.

4 - Graphics are good (for a Wii game of course).  Yes, there is occasional slowing of the framerate.  It is usually not an issue at all.  

My biggest complaint would be there are times the game presents you with a choice, but it's an illusion.  For example, you can supposedly choose to take up someone's offer or not, however, not really.  To proceed you must take the offer even if you, the player, thinks it is a bad idea.  If that is the case, why did they bother making it seem like you have a choice?  Not a fan of that but it is not a huge issue. 

Overall, just a great game for any RPG fan out there.  Also, I think a great game to introduce people to RPGs as it is just a lot less dense then a game like Xenoblade Chronicles.  I don't know what this reviewer was thinking, expecting, or how much of an RPG fan they are, however I cannot disagree more strongly with this review.  The game deserves an 8 at least and I think a 9 is much more reasonable.