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A game should be fun to play...

...And unfortunately The Last of Us is not. I've lived with the hype of TLOU for a full year; now that I have finally played it I am disappointed. As a character driven narrative TLOU is nearly perfect. The small moments between characters are a joy to watch. While TLOU's story and characters are impeccable it's gameplay is not. Stealth is mostly trial and error and gunplay is shaky at best. Aside from the poor shooting and stealth the ladder/pallet/dumpster moving segments of the game work fine. As a story TLOU excels, but as a video game it is simply not fun to play.
  • Hater
  • "It's not fun to play" are you serious? Yup I guess everyone reviewing it is mistakened giving it the highest score possible. Yup they're are all wrong and you are the only person I've ever heard say it's not fun to play. Good luck with that.

  • Go home hipster

  • You are absolutely correct. It is a beautiful narrative with flawless storyline and great character development. But the gunplay could be better. I won't say it is not fun to play but it is not a perfect 10 like everyone says... I don't have as strong feelings as you but I do agree with you.

  • That's only how I feel about [bleep]landers, not this game.