Naughty Dog returns to The Last of Us, arguably the PlayStation 3's swan song, and delivers a confident story even when the bar was raised miles high by the original game.

Left Behind is more of the same gameplay-wise, though being able to fight survivors and Infected at the same time is a welcomed addition to the formula. Being able to have the room in a riot while you pick off the survivors from a safe place is a satisfying feeling when the last man or Infected falls and you walk through the room collecting ammo and supplies.

The story of Left Behind is a prequel, though it also ties into the main story in one of the most crucial chapters and it fleshes out Ellie as a character and as a survivor of the world--why Ellie is Ellie and what that means.

Left Behind introduces us to Riley, a young woman we only heard of in the final scenes of the main game, and it shows us the bond between her and Ellie. Their friendship is lighthearted, something strange to see in the world after the brutal story of The Last of Us, but the girls are never unaware of the world they live in and it really is a treat to see them interact with the ruins of a world we take for granted.

The story is wonderfully written and you won't mind seeing Ellie in a new light, and you'll appreciate her story with Riley.

I finished my playthrough on Survivor in three and a half hours, though I did not collect all of the collectibles or have all of the optional conversations, so there is more to be explored for the diehard fans. The story of Left Behind is one worthy of being told and it is one worth playing through.