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  • Blog Post: Worth Every Bit of Praise, Most Important Game of our Time

    I cannot do this game justice by any means. I actually wrote a previous review to this some time back but GI's lovely user review glitch deleted it. I will not try and go in depth about the humanity, sacrifice or loss in the game and how impactful they are. It has been said enough and the multiple... More
  • Blog Post: The last us review

    Every once in a while there comes a game that shows me just what video games are capable of. The last of us is one of those games. I can't believe how well this game tells an interactive story. From the amazingly written plot and characters to the fantastic voice acting. The wonderfully done camera... More
  • Blog Post: The Last of Us is An Amaizing Game

    The Last of Us is an amazing game. The graphics and sound are top notch. The gameplay, is fast and fun, yet methodical and dangerous. The story is dark and violent, with a few good twists and turns. Graphics: The Last of Us may be the best looking PS3 game I have ever played. The lighting and textures... More
  • Blog Post: Amazing

    I really loved this game. The story was just amazing especially the beginning. I had no problems with this game. I really recommend this to play who like playing sad games and story games. I never got to try out multiplayer but it looks really fun. More
  • Blog Post: Going out with a Bang.

    The Last of Us (TLOU) is the greatest game I have ever played. Everything from the eye popping graphics, to the varied and fun combat, to the scavenging, and not to mention the story screams 10/10. First off lets start with the graphics. The graphics are amazing. Many times I would just stop in the middle... More
  • Blog Post: Simply A Flawed Masterpiece

    The Last Of Us is one of those games that made me wonder where games could truly go. The characters of Joel and Ellie are one of the most realized characters I have seen, brought to life with phenomenal production values. However the concept sort of nullifies your first impressions. No matter how hard... More
  • Blog Post: (Spoiler free) The Last of Us In-Depth Review: Surviving This Generation's Swan Song

    Introduction Hello, GIO, thanks for clicking. You're reading my review of The Last of Us. I have beaten the game twice since the release and have played the multiplayer extensively. As stated, this review is entirely spoiler free and I try to go as in-depth as possible. I hope you enjoy. I appreciate... More
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