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  • Blog Post: The Last of Us Review: Substance Without Fun

    While I was waiting for The Last of Us to install on my PS3's hard drive, I sat and contemplated how I would approach Naughty Dog's latest adventure. Aware that they were pushing narrative more than ever before, I decided to focus my attention on the gameplay, and just absorb the narrative as... More
  • Blog Post: An Extraordinary story of Survival

    I'm only 16 and soon 17, but since the age of 3 i have played hundreds of games, but only a small handfull have been as amazing as this one. The graphics first off are very realistic and are smooth in textures and both environments and people are very well made. The lighting and framerate stays constant... More
  • Blog Post: This game is Brutally Beautiful!

    * WARNING: THIS REVIEW CONTAINS SLIGHTLY GRAPHIC IMAGES * Naughty Dog is known for making quality games from Jak & Daxter to Uncharted, but this isn't a "quality game", this is a literal masterpiece! The Last of Us is so great that it feels like it actually happened. The Last of Us... More
  • Blog Post: Old concept, new ideas.

    One of the things I like about post-apocalyptic worlds is how quickly humanity crashes and breaks. Trust, love, sympathy, among other feelings is thrown out the window as you are quickly turned back into your primitive state of mind with only one objective, surviving. Naughty Dog does all this and adds... More
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