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  • Blog Post: Worth Every Bit of Praise, Most Important Game of our Time

    I cannot do this game justice by any means. I actually wrote a previous review to this some time back but GI's lovely user review glitch deleted it. I will not try and go in depth about the humanity, sacrifice or loss in the game and how impactful they are. It has been said enough and the multiple... More
  • Blog Post: The Last of Us is an Amazing game, yet slightly overrated

    Hear me out. This game was one of the most engaging experiences I've had from a story in a looooong time. The character and relationship development between Joel and Ellie was fascinating. Those few sweet moments in between the extremely violent combat scenarios, when you get to hear their mundane... More
  • Blog Post: The Last of Us Review: Substance Without Fun

    While I was waiting for The Last of Us to install on my PS3's hard drive, I sat and contemplated how I would approach Naughty Dog's latest adventure. Aware that they were pushing narrative more than ever before, I decided to focus my attention on the gameplay, and just absorb the narrative as... More
  • Blog Post: Amazing

    I really loved this game. The story was just amazing especially the beginning. I had no problems with this game. I really recommend this to play who like playing sad games and story games. I never got to try out multiplayer but it looks really fun. More
  • Blog Post: An Extraordinary story of Survival

    I'm only 16 and soon 17, but since the age of 3 i have played hundreds of games, but only a small handfull have been as amazing as this one. The graphics first off are very realistic and are smooth in textures and both environments and people are very well made. The lighting and framerate stays constant... More
  • Blog Post: The Best Has Been Saved For Last

    I'm not sure if anyone else has noticed, but Naughty Dog has taken a gradual, downward spiral in terms of how the tone of their games has been over time. Crash Bandicoot had all the pleasant, kid-friendly strangeness of Mario games with a preposterous setting built around fun platforming. Jak and... More
  • Blog Post: The Last of Us Review: The Last great PS3 exclusive

    After a stunning and powerful introduction, players are thrust into the world of The Last of Us a good 20 years after a new fungus species decimated the human population and turned areas outside of military control into bandit infested wastelands. Playing as a hardened smuggler named Joel you see how... More
  • Blog Post: The Most Violent, Gruesome, Jaw-Dropping, and Beautiful Apocalypse Ever

    Wandering the hallways of an abandoned apartment, you’re in desperate need of supplies. You approach a turn at the end of the hallway but hesitate unsure what could be waiting around the corner. Crouching down at the edge of the wall and holding your breath, you can hear a “click-click-click” several... More
  • Blog Post: Eh...

    I'm probably going to get *** for this, but I wasn't terribly impressed by The Last "Overhyped as ***" of Us. I will admit, the graphics, voice acting, and story were all above the norm, and as a whole the game functioned, but it didn't introduce nearly enough new things to make... More
  • Blog Post: A Beautiful Apocalypse

    The Last Of Us is perhaps the most anticipated game of 2013, and maybe the most well received game of 2013 so far. Does it deserve all this praise? In short, yes. The Last Of Us is one of the greatest games I have ever played, with an extremely dramatic and emotional story to boot. You play as Joel,... More
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