I cannot do this game justice by any means. I actually wrote a previous review to this some time back but GI's lovely user review glitch deleted it. I will not try and go in depth about the humanity, sacrifice or loss in the game and how impactful they are. It has been said enough and the multiple awards the game has won is proof enough of that already. Just need to chime in and speak on some more of the personal notes this game hit with me. First, the relationship between Ellie and Joel was beyond words. As a father of a little girl myself, I saw the relationship grow and how powerful it can be (steakhouse scene brought a tear to my eye). Also, the music was outstanding. Second perhaps to only Journey, it was something beyond music and gave a life of its own to the game.

Lastly, I will make a bold statement (as I did in my previous, now-deleted, review) that this is the most important game of our generation. This is a bold statement considering how many other games have made an impact, including a game before The Last of Us, Journey. Journey did so much right in gaming and it could easily be said that Journey was the game of our time. However, what TLOU did was beyond story, beyond gameplay, beyond human even. It gave so much to us in the form of digital characters and put a real face, a face that you could see in a post-apocalyptic world and thrust it in front of you. That, my friends, is scary. That is all I have to say for The Last of Us.

Keep gaming.