Hear me out.

This game was one of the most engaging experiences I've had from a story in a looooong time. The character and relationship development between Joel and Ellie was fascinating. Those few sweet moments in between the extremely violent combat scenarios, when you get to hear their mundane conversation, were some of the most powerful moments that I've seen in any video game narrative.

Case in point: the silly but awe-inspiring giraffe scene.


I guess the giraffe exhibit was the only animal species that survived the apocalypse.


Also I think it is safe and necessary to say that it is one of the most visually stunning games ever made.


That camera-jerk animation when you take down a biter with a melee is genius.


The combat and survival aspects of the game while very tough and brutal, were very impressively motion captured.

I haven't felt the need to be that stingy with my ammo since Resident Evil 4, which clearly the creators of TLOU at Naughty Dog must have been inspired by RE 4. No doubt

Now when I say it's overrated, I should probably say a little over-hyped. It received several perfect 10's which I think is ridiculous. You certainly cannot call this a flawless game. There was a fair share of monotonously boring tasks throughout the campaign (e.g. moving ladders or planks, helping Ellie get across water "LEARN TO SWIM, DAMMIT") and the multi-player, while really fun, is not perfect by any means.

I won't get spoilery with the ending, which could be another whole post, but personally, I thought it was kind of lame. When you consider how great the journey was and all the build-up to reach it. I felt like I worked REALLY hard to get somewhere without any real reward in the end.

Naughty Dog could learn a thing or two from Irrational Games about how to deliver a satisfying climax.