The Last Of Us is one of those games that made me wonder where games could truly go. The characters of Joel and Ellie are one of the most realized characters I have seen, brought to life with phenomenal production values. However the concept sort of nullifies your first impressions. No matter how hard the developers want me to think that these aren't zombies, they behave like one, and are predictable, but still deadly. Even the setting can bring a few yawns, even if it is beautiful to look at. That doesn't bring down the fact that it is an experience that every PS3 gamer should take. The ombat is fun and tense, though I am bothered by the fact that it breaks immersion with characters speaking loudly next to infected when you are trying to play stealth. Even they aren't detected when clearly seen or heard. It is simply a very minor gripe, but it happens at times. The combat is tense, brutal, and challenging. Even the multiplayer is well crafted with elements from the single player brought in to meet the tense gameplay. Some of the brutality though should be questioned. It sometimes interferes with the gameplay and plot. Violence here is a recurring theme, but I wonder if they used too much. The plot however, while unoriginal, is driven home by the character interactions and sense of awe. The Last Of Us is simply brilliant, and one of the best exclusives the PS3 has to offer, bar none.