I'm only 16 and soon 17, but since the age of 3 i have played hundreds of games, but only a small handfull have been as amazing as this one.


The graphics first off are very realistic and are smooth in textures and both environments and people are very well made. The lighting and framerate stays constant and great as well. The controls are very simple to learn so no worrying about that. The sounds are amazing with sounds of guns, people, and buildings crumbling under you. The voice acting is one the best i've heard in a game and the music suits the tone of the game perfectly. The story is about Joel and Ellie basically trying to survive while crossing the country. The story is very dramatic and one the best that seem to have sucked me in, almost never have I wanted to cry before at the story at some scenes. The Online component is very interesting, with its classes and very stealthy gameplay. It also seems to be team based as the better you work together, the better chances of winning. Otherwise the deathmatches are exciting and fresh. Overall this game is one the best ever and i would recommend it, so anyone could survive as the last of us.