The Last of Us is a post-apocalyptic game in, which you play as Joel, a man who has to travel across the country in protection of a little girl names Ellie. Many people may think the post-apocalyptic genre has been done to death, which is not entirely false, but this game brings an amazing story and great gameplay to the table. Joel is traveling across the country to get Ellie to the Fireflys, a resistance group. I am not going to spoil any of the reasons why, but I am going to say that you are in for an emotional ride. Some people may think of this game as being a zombie game, but they could not be more wrong. The story is very human and you will love (or hate) many of these characters. Even the extra characters cannot be more fleshed out and well acted than they are on this game. The Last of Us reminds me much of film The Road an ultra depressing post-apocalyptic film. Throughout the game you come to care more and more about the characters, to the point of when Ellie would be in danger I would be yelling do not let her die. I would become careless to the environment around me and I would just want to get to Ellie. The voice acting on this game is top notch. There was not one cheesy line. Even the side characters have a lot of care put into how the speak and the characters of overall. I will say this the first 15 minutes of this game had me wanting to cry.   

Traveling across the country is not an easy task with the infected and bandits lurking around every corner. The game is very much about survival. Joel is not a natural at stealth, although it is the main focus of the gameplay.  Stealth is a necessity. You try to keep it going for as long as you can. The feeling of making it through a group of bandits or infected unseen is very rewarding. When sneaking around you need to loot the area for goods that can be used for crafting anything from a shiv to a nail bomb. Using these items are a must since ammo is scares and is a last resort. The AI is actually very smart, it takes time for them to react to you. If you run by at a distance and they see you yet you go into hiding right afterward they will not just start shooting they actually get startled and will slowly search the area in which they last saw you. Once you are spotted though the action and violence intensifies significantly. Your heart will be pumping a mile a minute. Infected are challenging in their own way. There is two main types of infected the “runners” who are people who have not been infected very long can still see you and are very quick once you get spotted by one they are all on you in a second. The other stage of infected of the “clickers”. The fungus on these creatures has grown out and over their heads, rendering the blind. They are even faster than the runners and hear you by making clicking noises.  My only issue with the AI on this game is you buddies will run across the room or something and not even alert the infected or bandit that is right in front of them. This kind of takes you out of the immersion a little, but it is understandable why they did that. Having to constantly worry about your AI partner would be very annoying and frustrating.  This is such a small issue with another wise well told game.


This is another top notch game by Naughty Dog. If you want to a game with a story that will suck you in and lasts at least 15 hours than this game is for you. The story is simply amazing and the gameplay is fun and challenging. The small issues I had with the game are over shadowed by how much care was put into this game. You could never tell this much story in a film. This a definite contender for Game of the Year.