As games come along, there are certain hallmarks that define how video games progress, and hopefully for the better, evolve.  With Naughty Dog's newest outing, The Last of Us, they've provided a well-thought, emotional rollercoaster that feels so human, and is possibly their greatest achievement.  

Plot:  A tale of a mismatched father who lost everything and his charge, a fourteen year old who has the unique predicament of growing up in the world where everything is in ruins, and has not experienced the world as it was before.  Twenty years after the outbreak, smuggler Joel, well into what is possibly his fifties, takes a girl, Ellie, who could possibly be the end to everything that has brought the world to it's knees.  Together, they bond in a gripping way that feels like family, and fueled by their mission, to find the last remnants of society to discover what could be a cure.  

Sound:  The minimalist soundtrack is well fit, and is so subtle that it can almost be mistaken as wind blowing through the abandoned cities.  This reviewer loved it.

Gameplay:  Different from how their other entries have gone, but intuitive.  It plays well for an adventure title, and a stealth-based one, if you choose to play that way.

Multiplayer:  A great suffix to the game.  You fill the role of one of two factions that inhabit the game world.  The Hunters, who seek to survive by any means, and the Fireflies, who are currently searching for a cure through the wreckage, also destroying all who stand in their way.  It's a great take on the 4v4 strategy, and one that reminded me very much of Gears of War.  There is a ticket system (or elimination mode), executions, and the trademark brutality from the single player.  I found this to be very fun and have spent more time with this than the single player.

I'll sum up this short but perfectly bathroom session-sized review with a remark about how wonderful it is that we have games like these, and how it is talent and potential that has not been wasted.  This game is important to our hobby, both as art and entertainment.