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I'm probably going to get *** for this, but I wasn't terribly impressed by The Last "Overhyped as ***" of Us.

I will admit, the graphics, voice acting, and story were all above the norm, and as a whole the game functioned, but it didn't introduce nearly enough new things to make it OMG GUIZE 11/10 GOTY I'M PISSING RAINBOWS.

The areas in which a gunfight is about to go down are exceedingly obvious, filled with convenient waist high cover and strategic paths to maneuver through. It was a cool idea to make what is essentially a game long escort mission less tedious by having the escortee be less worthless, but simply having the AI ignore it isn't the way to go, and breaks immersion in a big way. Creeping along slowly so a clicker doesn't eat you while Ellie bounds along oblivious and unnoticed is a pretty big mistake. 

By about an hour in, it all starts to run together and becomes fairly predictable. "Oh, a dumpster? Looks like I'll be climbing something. Don't care where it is, just push the dumpster." No dumpsters around? NO PROBLEM. There's sure to be Mr. Handy Ladder nearby!

  • This is a pathetic excuse for a review, if your going to criticize something at least give us plausible examples.

  • Wow four paragraphs. For f*ck's sake, this review is horrible regardless of score.

  • you clearly have a xbox.

  • Worst, review, ever.

  • Kirby got dem butts hurtin'.