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the last of us impression (short review)

The last of us one of the greatest game I ever played of naughty dog the story was epic, the gameplay so intense that i really enjoyed playing it the crafting is like quick time that isn't in a another menu that you paused any of that it is in real time. the characters so unique every character were interesting to listen and care about that's why i love naughty dog because the story and the gameplay are so good and interesting that you can play it again and again without getting tired.  Going to the multiplayer it only have 2 game modes supply raid and survivor actually they aren't boring they are really fun to play isn't hard to get use to i love it more with friends i wish that they put more content for the multiplayer but still love it. my down side are the trophies but it doesn't matter still the game is great from the multiplayer to the singleplayer i highly recomend this game to every ps3 owner.


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