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The Last of Us

See What's At Stake In This Extended Commercial For The Last Of Us

The cost of survival is high in The Last of Us, and this extended version of the commercial for the game sets the tone.

This excellent trailer shows us the toil the outbreak has taken on the characters, talks about how Joel and Ellie got connected, and puts some of the game's gory action into context.

The Last of Us comes out for PlayStation 3 on June 14.

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  • I feel like I should stop watching these trailers because the it makes the wait longer and I feel like I'm spoiling myself by seeing tid bits of the story
  • I can't wait for this game!!

  • When I saw the news thumbnail, I thought "are they making a Hunger Games video game now or something?", but this is better.
  • I'm digging the new format of trailers for M rated games. It really shows how much games have grown. Makes it feel much more formal.
  • After the greatness of Bioshock Infinite and these awesome trailers The Last of Us can't come out soon enough!

  • Nice.

  • It's good to see more from The Last of us, I hope it will be worth the wait.

  • First Tomb Raider then Bioshock Infinite, and now The Last of Us. I feel way too lucky to be a gamer this year.
  • Aka: The Last Hunger of Us Games. ;-)
  • Simply amazing. This game is going to be incredible.

  • I'm so hype for this. The story looks brilliant!

  • I'm actually more excited for this game then I was for Uncharted 3.

  • This looks incredible. Naughty Dog is quickly becoming one of my favorite console developers. The characters and facial animations look phenomenal. They are doing an amazing job.
  • I've never really been into zombies that much.......but when I see this I cant help but fell that this game is going to most-likely be the best game ever made......unfortunately I'm a PC dude and don't have a PS3
  • This is seriously a must buy.

  • June 14 can't come quick enough.

  • This game is.... M rated?!?!?! DAMN YOU NAUGHTY DOG!!!! WHY?! WWWHHHHHHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!
  • This looks phenomenal! When a game can fuse good story and character development with great gameplay, it truly is something special :) Can't wait.

  • The year of the bow continues.
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