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The Last of Us

Fungal Enemies Featured In The Last Of Us Gameplay Footage And Screens

Naughty Dog first spilled the beans on its post-apocalyptic action game, The Last of Us, in one of our exclusive cover stories. Since then, the developer has been quiet about how protagonists Joel and Ellie will interact with the fungus-infected enemies of the game. This new gameplay footage and batch of screenshots shows off more of the mushroom-headed foes than ever before.

Watch the trailer below for a glimpse at the tension and suspense that comes with creeping through a dark building filled with the fungal enemies. Beware, the video contains harsh language and gore.

For an even closer look at the game, check out the gorgeous screenshots in the gallery below. The Last of Us arrives exclusively on the PlayStation 3 on May 7, 2013.

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  • That looks very intense, can't wait to play.
  • Looking awesome, save that one picture with the mutant on his neck. Seriously, that one moment looks like freaking Wii graphics.

  • Can't wait to play this. With Naughty Dog behind it, The Last of Us should be the game that us gamers shall forever love.

  • I can't wait for this game to come out. That was pretty intense.

  • this looks so good... in fact there are so many games this year already... 2013 is starting off strong...

    I kinda wish this semester of school would already be over so I could enjoy a summer of gaming. Because I still have a tremendous backlog of currently purchased games I also need to play.

    maybe I should stop buying some for awhile and play the ones I have already bought but neglected in playing.. seriously, I have an entire stack and have only played about half of them.

    But, I will definitely be purchasing/playing The Last of Us... Day 1

  • after watching that + knowing about micro transactions for this game makes it a definite no buy.
  • You know, I never really expected to see a survival horror game from Naughty Dog. :o Makes me happy too. We haven't had a decent survival horror game on the market since Resident Evil and Silent Hill started to get all action-centric.
  • I'm reminded of the words that were used when Ikaruga was about to come out on the Gamecube. "The frothing demand for this game ever increases." I think the same sentiment applies here.

  • That bite is going to make the tension between the 2 even more of a problem. Can't wait!!

  • before I saw the receipt which had said $7559, I didn't believe best friend woz like they say actualey bringing home money part-time from their laptop.. there brothers friend has done this 4 only twentey months and a short time ago took care of the loans on there house and got a top of the range Lotus Elan. we looked here,

  • Oh man, can't wait for this game.  Love the creepy sounds of the enemeies!

  • Three months and counting!!!

  • This is definitely one of the best games to pre order so far. I skipped the Dead Space 3 and Crysis 3 pre orders just for this one and Metal Gear Rising.

  • I absolutly cannot wait for this game. This is a must own for me, I'm practically in love with Naughty Dog.

  • Looking forward to this game. Watching the gameplay just makes me want to play it more. Plus this part of the game looks scary.


  • If Naughty Dog is able to bring back real survival horror with this game, I will love them forever (not that I don't already). I have missed this genre of games so much. Please, PLEASE don't let us down ND.