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The Last of Us

Fungal Enemies Featured In The Last Of Us Gameplay Footage And Screens

Naughty Dog first spilled the beans on its post-apocalyptic action game, The Last of Us, in one of our exclusive cover stories. Since then, the developer has been quiet about how protagonists Joel and Ellie will interact with the fungus-infected enemies of the game. This new gameplay footage and batch of screenshots shows off more of the mushroom-headed foes than ever before.

Watch the trailer below for a glimpse at the tension and suspense that comes with creeping through a dark building filled with the fungal enemies. Beware, the video contains harsh language and gore.

For an even closer look at the game, check out the gorgeous screenshots in the gallery below. The Last of Us arrives exclusively on the PlayStation 3 on May 7, 2013.

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  • crap on a stick! this looks scary, suspenseful, and violent!

  • So this has been what is happening to Dan lately?

  • Are those character models just blatantly unfinished? Everyone other than Joel and Ellie look like crap.

  • Woah.

  • Mod
    didnt really show me what they can fully do :/ oh e3 hurry.
  • Game of the year, in my opinion! All devolopers must see and try to make somethig like this on all platform! I am seek to see "Crysis Graficx" and the rest of the game sucks! This why i love Nougty Dogs!
    It is about passion!
  • That's not creepy as hell. That clicking and screeching they do reminds me of the new Flood noises in Halo 4.

    I also like how Ellie is calling things out. I feel like it might be scripted for this video, but I'm optimistic that it isn't scripted.

  • Ita about time we see these things in action.

  • MAN I can not wait for this game to come out. Bought a PS3 mainly for this game    /giddy

  • Christ, those sounds that they make are disturbing, lol.

  • I usually don't give a *** about graphics, but first screenshot looks like ***. Anyway, I'm really excited for the game, can't wait for my copy !

  • I have high hopes for this game.

  • Reminds me of Dead Space. I'm really loving the direction this game is headed. I'm reserving judgement until I play the demo (I'm worried about how the combat would work, given how immensely cinematic it is), but this could easily be one of my favorites games of 2013.

  • Preordered survival edition

  • Preordered survival edition

  • Why do I have this sinking feeling this is going to end like the Walking Dead?

  • I cant wait I've already got this bad boy pre ordered.

  • Amazingly disgusting.

  • This game looks awesome I just wish they could release some sort of vita version!

  • Nice.