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The Last of Us

Fungal Enemies Featured In The Last Of Us Gameplay Footage And Screens

Naughty Dog first spilled the beans on its post-apocalyptic action game, The Last of Us, in one of our exclusive cover stories. Since then, the developer has been quiet about how protagonists Joel and Ellie will interact with the fungus-infected enemies of the game. This new gameplay footage and batch of screenshots shows off more of the mushroom-headed foes than ever before.

Watch the trailer below for a glimpse at the tension and suspense that comes with creeping through a dark building filled with the fungal enemies. Beware, the video contains harsh language and gore.

For an even closer look at the game, check out the gorgeous screenshots in the gallery below. The Last of Us arrives exclusively on the PlayStation 3 on May 7, 2013.

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  • So glad I decided to pre-order this one. Since May 7th is the day before my birthday, this will be my present to meeee!!
  • Psst. Tim, you have a typo. It's "ever before," not "every before."
  • This is just everything I want in a game. The sound is amazing. It looks amazing. The gameplay looks amazing. The atmosphere is great, especially taking advantage of the dark.
  • Wow, that just looks amazing!

  • i love how naughty dog kinda just said and showed that the infected people are in the game as the first trailer, then went on for a year about the gameplay and the atmosphere of the game which makes the game shine as more then just another "zombie" game. i even forgot that the zombie things were in the game. this game is just so freaking cool. and if an outbreak happened, from what i've seen and know about the game, i image it been like this. very few zombie things hiding in the shadows waiting to attack.

    EDIT: and i love the monster sounds. reminds me of the unique sounds the monsters make in silent hill 2. plus i love how, at least from what i saw, you don't have to hold ellies' hand when monsters are near.
  • *Ever before

  • I'm so happy I pre ordered this!

  • I can't wait for this.. Just hope I can pre order.

  • Jesus that 1st image looks terrible...
  • my body is ready

  • Is it just me or do the textures and graphics in the trailer and screenshots look way worse than last years' e3 gameplay footage?
  • I know this game is going to be awesome but that screenshot up there you guys chose looks terrible for some reason.

  • One of three games I have pre-ordered for this year. Looking forward to this so much.
  • Only on playstation.
  • looks promising, the only thing that bothers me is that (though it would make getting through dark areas a pain in the butt if they did) the infected don't respond to having a flashlight shined upon them.
  • the more i see of this game the less i want it, im just burnt out on supernatural enemies zombies and aliens virus infected people etc
  • Oh. My. God. Cannot wait for this game!

  • 1 word..... Niiiiiiiiice :D

  • this game looks amazing, I cant wait to play it

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