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The Last of Us

Last Of Us Trailer Reveals New Character

A new trailer released by Naughty Dog reveals a new character in the Last of Us called Bill. We don't know much about him,other than he wears a gas mask. The video shows the trio escaping an infected and later figuring out a plan to repair a car to get out of town.

The Last of Us is due out in 2013 for PlayStation 3.

  • Gah, love this trailer. The game looks fantastic.
  • Linear Third-person Action Games. Story, sure. Gameplay, maybe between our hand-crafted cinematics. I'll be honest with you Naughty Dog, I want something new. Not more Uncharted with zombies. The fat jokes were classy btw.
  • Sony sure does love their white, brown haired males and their white, brown haired little girls lol
  • It's been a while since we've seen/heard anything about the infected.
  • The acting in what we have seen so far is phenomenal! Seriously, name a game that comes close to the quality of the acting in the Uncharted games or this!
  • Is Bill played by Nolan North??? It sure as hell sounded like it for a few seconds.
  • Looks good! I'm on board so far!

  • So, once they get a working car does the game end? Or do they get a car, but it gets stolen or destroyed and another plan to leave is needed? All I know is that this game is gonna be great!!!
  • I'm looking forward to it. Something new, and what seems to be a different kind of blockbuster title!
  • Terrific graphics, but I don't know how long I'd want to stare at homely looking, sweaty people in a game. Oh, and there's another thing we DO know about Bill. . . that he's a big jerk. . .
  • Take my money Naughty Dog !!!!
  • I guarantee Bill's voice actor is W. Earl Brown has that little bit of accent that he did on the HBO show "Deadwood".

  • This is looking mighty tasty. I hope it's early 2013 rather than later.
  • Looks mighty fine

  • This game looks better and better every time I see it! Cannot wait!

  • Gah why don't I have a PlayStation 3 D:!!! I really think this game looks spectacular and has immense potential, so... Anyone want to lend me there PS3? :D
  • If this ever gets made into a movie, I can totally see Josh Brolin as Joel.
  • Can't wait for this game!
  • awesome

  • I don't want to wait for 2013. Boo.
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