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The Guided Fate Paradox

Playing God By Mixing Strategy And Roguelike

NIS America's The Guided Fate Paradox puts players in the shoes of Renya. The young man has become God by winning the lottery, and it's his jobs to help answer the prayers of those on Earth.

The gameplay combines strategy RPG mechanics with elements of a roguelike. In order to help people realize their fates, he must enter a duplicate world that is a randomly generated dungeon. Beating the boss at the end will advance the story, reset Renya's level to one, and boost his base stats.

You can learn more about The Guided Fate Paradox in the instructional trailer below. The title is due out for PlayStation 3 later this year.


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  • needs to be in first persons, and needs guns.
  • NIS rarely lets me down so I guess I can add yet another current-gen games to my list of things to get.

  • Wat? Became god by winning the lottery?
  • Stop making addicting games!

    ...Just kidding.  I anticipate this being quite fun coming from NIS.

  • Wait wait wait....guy becomes God after winning the Lottery!? WHERE ARE THESE TICKETS SOLD!? I want my fair shot. After all there are many people that need to be smitten. There is a long list and I'll very much make a lot of people happy. I'd be a good God -stands there waiting in line-
  • Darn it! I prefer my turn-based strategy games on handheld!

  • If we're a god, can't we just like think and destroy all our enemies? Come on now.

  • Kinda makes me want a game based on The World God Only Knows to come out here...
  • ooh pretty.

    Hope the substance matches the flash.

    Love that art style.
  • This looks amazing and really fun to play; not to mention it reminds me of games similar to Final Fantasy Tactics and I loved those kinds of games. ^_^

  • The first thing I think when I think god isn't a grind heavy slog through randomly generated dungeons.
  • I playtested it, so good

  • he became god by that! well, hahaha! interesting!

  • Setsuna F Seiei "There is no God"

  • Well, I may just have to check this out because of how bizarre it is.

  • Became a god!? That's sound so INTERESTING!! XD