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The Evil Within is a very well done game, I might piss a few people off with this comment but it really is the game that Resident Evil 5 should have been. Stealing many mechanics from that game and adding a creepy, gruesome, and disturbing atmosphere, The Evil Within is a triumphant return for the survival horror series. You can tell that he drew many inspirations from different horror themes one might recognize one of these as we commonly refer to Laura as The Grudge lady at work. While The Evil Within didn’t do everything right it comes down who really cares, because in all honesty The Evil Within is the best survival horror game since the PS2 era.

The game puts you in the police car of detective Sebastian Castellanos, as him and his two partners are called to an investigation on Beacon Metal Institute. As we arrive we learn that most of the hospital staff as been killed and when Sebastian looks at a security camera he sees a creepy guy killing three police officers by simply teleporting. Only seconds later to find himself knocked out. When he awakens he finds himself strung upside down and in a room with a crazy maniac. The rest of the game takes you from various locations from the city in witch the game takes place to a forest and even what appears to be a Victorian era mansion. The story is very hard to follow but as you press forward and get to the ending chapters the plot seems to unravel. Though the game has left some room for a DLC to complete the story, which is really my only major complaint.

 The gameplay as I said early steals heavily from Resident Evil 4, but as I always like to say if it isn’t broken don’t fix it, though the game does add to that formula, by making some changes. The most noticeable is the stealth element added, which you will find yourself using in many situations. You’re also able to use bottles to distract enemies as well as throw them at them to temporarily stun them giving you the advantage to stealth kills your enemy. The game major complaint from a lot of co workers and customers I’ve talked to at work is the scarcity of ammo. In my opinion this is what makes the game fun. It really rings true to those core survival horror roots where every shot counts. The game also allows you to used traps set to take out enemies careful though or those might blow you up too.

Like I said before the game jumps around from area to area, and it makes its story hard to follow. The constant changing of the scenery adds to the game for some pretty intense moments. The three that really stood out for me is the first time you run into Laura, all you can do is try to set her on fire. The second you go into a mansion and Ruvik (the antagonist) appears randomly and chases you, until he disappears. The last part that really creeped me out was an enemy they call the Keeper ( I refer to him as Locker Box), Who carries and axe and has a safe for a head. The intense enemy and level design gives you the creeps as all of the sudden these guys just appear out of nowhere and kill you

All in all The Evil Within is a really good game. My big complaints was its story, the amount of time that it took to get going and the fact that the developers are planning to clear things up with DLC. My opinion is that should be cleared up in the game. Weather The Evil Within ties up its loose ends with DLC or we see another sequeal or even a spiritual successor. One thing is for certain, Shinji Mikami has proven that he still to this day is the master of horror when it comes to video games. Fans of the genre or fans of action games need to give this at least a try. Have a spare pair of underwear because you probably going to crap your pants at least once playing this game.