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The Evil Within

These New Screens Will Terrify You

Bethesda and Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami have teamed up to scare the pants off you with The Evil Within. These new screens look like they'll do the job.

The game releases this October, and Bethesda is showing it at its booth at E3, and released some new screens. We've also included the recently released "Terrified" trailer just to show you how scary this game apparently is.

  • Fromm the reactions most of them were simply grossed out. Which tells me this game will be mostly shock value. Lots of blood and guts, opening up bodies and such.
  • I see the zombie thing with the stake through the skull in multiple screens. Hopefully the baddies aren't that generic.

  • I really, really want to like this game, but so far I am not impressed.

  • There's something about a random wheelchair in a dirty room that just gives me the creeps.
  • This really looks amazing but i am totally still mad that this got pushed back but I understand that they would want this to be an October game lol. I can't wait to play it!!!!

  • I'm gonna need a few new pairs of underwear after this game.

  • The only thing the trailer made me think was how many people just said "meh".

  • this look amazzing!!!

  • It didn't really look like they were scared lol

  • This game is being made by the creator of RE and Bethesda. That alone warrants a bit of faith that it'll be decent. Looks like a cross between Silent Hill and RE.

    I'm starting to get excited about this. Bethesda doesn't sh*t the bed too often with highly advertised titles.