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The Evil Within

Looking For Horror? The Evil Within Won't Leave You Hanging

Shinji Mikami is considered the father of modern survival horror, giving us the Resident Evil and Dino Crisis series (and all their jump scares). Along with his new studio, Tango Gameworks, he's reminding us just how good he is.

In this extended gameplay demo of The Evil Within (published by Bethesda), you'll get a sense for the psychological and gruesome physical terror that will plague detective Sebastian Castellanos and the players controlling him.

The Evil Within is due out in 2014 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC. For more, read our E3 preview and see the trailer from the Tokyo Game Show.

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  • Wow looks pretty creepy lol

  • This gets me excited. The old Silent Hill vibe is coming back.

  • It look to be coming together nicely, and I really dig the style. That said, there's still A LOT of polishing they can do. I was particularly put off by the MC's animations...very unnatural.
  • can't wait for this game...because of the latest installments of resident evil, haven't had a good survival horror game in a while...thanks shinji

  • The whole escape feels really contrived, there's no way he would have gotten away in that section just before the elevator.
  • This game is seriously my most anticipated game since it was announced. Out of every game genre, horror/thriller games have been lacking and this game aims to revitalize it!

  • This is looking better and better. I love the atmosphere. I definitely got an RE4 vibe from parts of this. That's not a bad thing. I'll almost certainly pick this up on next gen consoles.

  • I just lost all interest in this game...

  • Um now I don't mean to be the pisser here but That sequence in the village... seems familiar somehow
  • I could see similarities to both Resident Evil 4 and Shadows of The Damned - which was unbearably underrated, by the way - a whole lot during this look. Believe it or not, I was actually startled during the section when Sebastian was (poorly) attempting to sneak around burlap-sack-less-Dr. Salvador. I'm ecstatic. Shinji Mikami for president.

  • Mod

    Wow! It looks awesome! I really like the whole atmosphere of it. I will definitely have to get this.

  • Looks like a return to form for survival horror with this one. I certainly look forward to being terrified while playing.

  • It looks like a resident evil 4 clone but I love resident evil 4 so I need this game.

  • I'm going to buy and play this particular video game.

  • Excited for this !

  • Looks... REish. Not a good thing, given the recent iterations.
  • Resident Evil + Silent Hill, good.

  • 1 word INTENSE

  • Looks great, so many resemblances to Crimson Heads, and Silent Hill cityscape, and RE4. This will be a solid title. Just curious, though, it looked like the guy playing the demo is a terrible shot. How did he make it so far?