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The Escapists

Craft Your Prison Break

The Escapists combines RPG elements, crafting mechanics, and careful escape plotting into one pixelated game.

Announced during Gamescom 2014, The Escapists places players in a prison they must break free from with a limited set of tools. In the gameplay trailer below, you will see a prisoner leveling up in the weight room to stay competitive, learning in the library, and crafting a shovel with a wooden log, some duct tape, and piece of medal. Using that shovel (created in a way that will be familiar to any Terraria of Minecraft players) the prisoner attempts to dig his way out of jail at night when the guards aren't paying attention.

It's The Shawshank Redemption video game that should have released in 1994 alongside the movie, and it's coming to Xbox One.

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  • Looks fun.

  • Big maybe. I'm getting tired of pixelated indies, tbh.

  • Team 17 eh? Looks like they are trying something other than Worms. Looks interesting, Ill keep my eye on this.

  • This looks awesome!!

  • Is this an exclusive?
  • I love the concept of this. Gonna keep my eye on it.

  • I feel like an actual prisoner will learn from this game XD!

  • Team 17? How do they find time to make a new game when all their time goes into releasing the same Worms game over and over again?