We dive into the latest DLC for Skyrim.  We return to Solstheim from the GOTY Edition of Morrowind to fight an ancient evil that has been awakened.

Story ( 1.75 / 2.5 ) - We return to Solstheim to encounter the very first Dragonborn, who seems to want to enslave the world using various dragon shouts.  He can also bend dragons to do his bidding.  You are charged with finding him and in the end, killing him.  I couldn't help but wonder how much better the story could have been.  During my playthrough, I wanted the story to be like this:  The more you learn about Miraak the more you become him.  The only way he can come back to the real world is to essentially take over another Dragonborn.  As the quests progress, you learn his shouts and more about him.  Miraak occasionally appears to talk to you about how you will experience the return of Miraak firsthand.  So that's what I was hoping was going to happen.  You would somehow slowly transform into Miraak by becoming him.  Anyways, the story I thought was pretty short, and from my revision of the storyline, it wasn't too original.  I felt like it should have been better.  I will say that I did enjoy the Daedra realm of Hermaeus Mora or however you spell that.

Graphics ( 2.0 / 2.5 ) - Well, the graphics didn't change much from the base game.  They added some Morrowind architecture that I really liked to see since I loved Morrowind.  I did also enjoy the Lurker enemies even though I thought they looked very similar to I think it was Fallout New Vegas' bog monsters in the DLC, I can't remember.  I also liked the Daedra realm, and it reminded me a lot of the twisted worlds in the Alice games, which I really enjoyed.  Even though the base game textures, animations, and just overall quality were still the same, I still enjoyed seeing the newish content.

Sound ( 2.25 / 2.5 ) - This is probably my favorite part of the DLC.  They brought back Morrowind tracks for this DLC.  I absolutely loved the Morrowind music so I got excited when I heard them in this DLC.  They were no different and not updated from the originals, which I am okay with.  I also enjoyed one of the characters on the island bringing back insults such as "You N'wah!" and "Filthy S'wit" because those were from Morrowind as well, so that made me happy.  However, you encounter these Riekling creatures that have only 2 death sounds, which make them extremely annoying to listen to since they attack in large numbers.  They also sound strangely similar to Ewoks from Star Wars, which made it sound unoriginal.

Gameplay ( 1.5 / 2.5 ) - This was probably the worst, at least for me.  I was max level and maxed skills so this definitely didn't help.  Most of the gameplay is the same as Skyrim.  You do encounter the Rieklings, who for me died in one hit from any of my legendary enchanted weapons.  Some of them carry spears, but since they are much smaller than normal people, you can only use them as arrows for your bow.  The spears do almost no damage and have extreme drop so they weren't really something that you would want to use as arrows.  Also, from the trailers you see that you can ride dragons.  Well, yes and no.  You can get on dragons, but you can't control where they go.  They are essentially on rails.  You can only tell them to attack or land, and that is it so they could have completely left that out and I probably would have been happier since it was so crappy.

Replay ( 3 / 10 ) - I probably won't play this again anytime soon, but I may come back to it if I ever decide to start a new file.

So I would say this DLC is probably the best of the three, none of which are that amazing.  If I wasn't max everything, I may have enjoyed this a lot more.  So people that aren't max should have a lot more fun that I did and your rating would be a lot higher than mine, but for me, this DLC was decent at best.

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