Dragonborn DLC for Skyrim is a breath of fresh Nordic frosty air. It is the first expansion for Skyrim to feature a completely new area to explore. For most players by now you have explored a majority of Skyrim. Dragonborn gives you a new area to travel and explore. While most fans have been asking for a return to Morrowind this expansion is close enough. The new Island Solstheim feels like a Skyrim/Morrowind blend. It keeps some similar aspects of Skyrim while adding in the mysticism that is associated with Morrowind such as the mushroom houses. The new dlc also offers up a new storyline of quests that feature an ancient dragonborn such as your character hell bent on returning to Tameriel. However the main story is a small chip of what makes dragonborn good. It is surprisingly short with about 5 hours of gameplay.

The better part of Dragonborn is the new armor and characters. While there is only one main town Raven Rock(yes the same name from Fallout 3). The Morrowind feel really resonates and so do the people. The first thing noticable is the new diverse enemy types. It was a good 10 min into exploring I found an Enemy from the base game.

The effects from Red Mountain are also evident seeing as there is ash in many places and on some parts of the island you can see Red Mountain in the distance still smoking. Overall the game delivers new content to keep you busy and multiple new smithing and alchemy opportunities. For those who felt dawnguard didn't deliver will be pleased with the new dragonborn dlc. It is definitely the best dlc for Skyrim so far. It is worth the 1600mp.