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Skyrim: Dragonborn

The previous games to Skyrim were just to good. Now that The Elder Scrolls: IV it has been nothing but a breathtaker. It is now even more amazing with the DLC's. I have played multiple game add on's and they were fun, but all the Skyrim one's are just fantastic. I can never keep my hands off this game. I enjoy the graphics in Dragonborn, riding dragon's is my dream and it came true! The controls for riding one could be a bit better other than that this game gets a 9.00 from me. I hope to see more DLC's from Skyrim and yearn for more!

  • when I was writing this, i meant to put V instead of IV. I guess it is that big of a deal to read over your work...o.o XD

  • I so wish this review was readable...