I downloaded the Dawnguard DLC when it came out. It is a great addition to the already good game. My wife went vampire, and I went Dawnguard. The vampire quest line is great. I enjoyed the transformation of the character when you go into vampire form. I have one problem with the vampire. I hate the sound the game makes every time you walk out into the sun. Other than that turning into a vampire is awesome. I love all the new areas. The Dawnguard quest line is just as fun as the vampire quest line. The quests are the same for the most part. The introduction of dragon bone weapons, the ability to make arrows, and the few other things you have the ability to blacksmith were great add-ons. Crossbows are nice new weapons other than the slow reload. There are multiple new creatures from death hounds to frost giants. There is so much packed into this DLC that makes the game even better than it was before. The last thing I have to say about the new content is about the part where I was running around in a frosty place mining everything in sight when two dragons bust out of the ice and you get to enjoy a battle between you and two dragons. That is the best part of the DLC. I would say $20.00 is a great deal for that much content, and I recommend that if you like the Skyrim game than you should download Dawnguard and enjoy yourself.