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Skyrim: Best Warrior Build

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Skyrim: Best Warrior Build

Skyrim : Warrior Build


Race: Nord or Orc

Main Skill Trees: Heavy Armor, one hand, And Block

Standing Stone: Warrior

Transformation :None

Head Gear: Konahrik ( Heals you when health is low )

Chest :Dragonbone or Dragonscale

Gaunlets:Dragonbone or Dragonscale

ShoesDragonbone or Dragonscale

Neck : none


Main Weapon:Chillrend ( 30 frost damage 2 sec paralyze)

Shield: spellbreaker ( blocks up to 50 point spell damage)

If you want a another one of these please ask me or if you want a special class ask