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Skyrim: Best Archer Build

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Skyrim: Best Archer Build

Skyrim : Archer Build

Race: Wood Elf

Main Skill Trees: Archery,Sneak,Light Armor

Standing Stone: Warrior Stone

Transformation : Werewolf

Head Gear: Ancient Shrouded Cowl (Bows do 35%+Damage)

Chest : Guild Masters Armor ( 50 point more carrying Cap.)


  Nightingale Armor (40 point Stamina and 50% Frost Res.)

Gaunlets: Gaunlets of The Old Gods ( Bows do 20%+Damage)

Shoes: Ancient Shrouded Boots ( move silently )

Neck : Kyne's Token ( Reduce 10% animal damage/ Bows do 5%+Dam )

Finger: Ring of Hircine (unlimited werewolf Transformations)

Main Weapon: Nightinhale Bow ( 30 frost dam. + 15 shock dam.)

If you want a another one of these please ask me or if you want a special class ask