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  • Forum Post: Anyone else think this game was a disappointment?

    i love skyrim skyrim as much as the next guy, but i personally think that the game fell short on my expectations.i mean i loved the game but im probably only giving it a 9/10 which is pretty low for an elder scrolls game. i mean the game does have it's ups and downs and iv'e put around 100 hours...
  • Forum Post: SKYRIM hurting PS3's

    I noticed now on that many users of Skyrim on the PS3 are starting to report crashes and severe glitches of Skyrim on their systems. It is about split 50/50 between 5 star and 1 star reviews because of this. I too thought my system was crashing but thought it was due to YLOD. I changed games...
  • Forum Post: your o **** dragon moment (skyrim)

    my o **** dragon moment was when i was traveling threw the marshlands in skyrim at lv 10 and i heard a roar in the distance. i had figured out how to take down normal dragons pretty easily so i at first wasn'teven redy . now remind you the marsh is pretty flat and has a lack of trees. so the dragon...
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