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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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  • I have to agree. I doubt you will get yelled at by anyone other than dumbasses. Bethesda doesn't make an annual game like some franchises (I'm looking at you, Call of Duty). But when they do produce a game, it is almost guaranteed to be amazing. I have a feeling The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim will continue this trend.

  • Not if Activision cut the crappy part of the series.....  Treyarch's installments have only brought one enjoyable thing.  Zombies.  COD 4 and MW2 are the highlights of the franchise, and I am still playing MW2 today.  I don't see a day when I'll stop loving it.

    So, if you take out the crappy half (World At War, Black Ops), the Call Of Duty franchise isn't as bad as you make it seem.

  • I miss the numerous classes of weapons and armour too.

  • www.gameinformer.com/.../1331761.aspx

    Better thread about this game here. ^

  • I am so excited! I haven't waited and watched for a game like this since...well, ever! Between the Radiant Story system, the INSANELY improved graphics engine, and the inclusion of Max von Sydow, this is shaping up to be the best game in the history of Bethesda, if not the best game in history.

    Mmm...pickle juice!

  • Well, in my opinion best games can only be declared of each generation because lts of things change, but I agree with you, best game of this gen. Bad thing about it is we stil can't play T. T

    I too have been waiting for this game for a long time,and each piece of information that gets out just makes it even harder to wait. But finally, its less than 3 weeks ahead.

    *** I'm so excited too!!




  • i would say yes everygame does have to have multiplayer, you are correct about man hours however its still possible to have the same amount of man hours geared toward single player and spend extra man hours on multiplayer, this will increase the popularity of the game no matter how good they make the multiplayer, in return that means; More sales+Fame= more money at disposal for next sequel.  

    "Piccolo... Are you a Yoshi?" "Yes Goku I'm a giant F**K**G dinosaur" "Can I ride you?"....
  • I'll start off with the positives.I love the highly detailed massive world just to sight see.Next the short main story was interesting but not at all challenging.The rest of the optional sides quests which made up I'd would say 90% of the game weren't at all bad but didn't tie into the main story and severed no purpose.Most of the discoveries are useless as well.The difficulty settings made the game extremely cheap because say you put a lot of work into smithing and enchanting some real powerful weapons and armor well then in return it makes it were you can kill anything on adept in a few hacks and slashes and they can even faze you so it makes it so boringly easy.Well then you turn it up to master but all it does is negate some of your damage output and damage resistance.How dumb is that!Then its still to easy.Combat is way to simple and unintelligent.This game on needed one difficulty.Also the movement of your player was airy and felt like the out dated, helmet cam,extremely limited first person even in third person.I'd like to conclude by saying i don't harp on a few flaws or things that could make good game even better but when the bad out ways the good in a game and when its feels like everything i'm doing in the game feels pointless, that's when i really start to hate the game with a passion.

  • I found this game terrible. I didn't like the combat, the simplicity of the gameplay, the easy way to break the game's leveling system, the irrelevant side quests, and almost everything about it. I love the former entries in the series and was hoping for an excellent repeat of the former elder scrolls performances. I was very excited for the release of this game. I think that Bethesda has abandoned the complex gameplay that made this series fun in order to make it easier for just about anyone to pick up and play. My girlfriend was even able to pick this game up and complete the tutorial and the last game she played was frogger. I am all for expanding a fanbase and making a game accessable but this was rediculous. Reply with your thoughts on this. I loved you guy's feedback on this before the game was released and i hope that you can continue. Good gaming and back to Mass Effect 3

  • ^ Your name totally fits why you don't like the game... -_____-

    There's something called a difficulty slider if it's "too easy" for you.

  • Ninja i have deep respect for you but i have played rpg's much longer then i have played shooters. I grew up on final fantasy and Elder Scrolls. I only took this name because playing kane and lynch with my friend i laughed at the description for an achievement. As far as the difficulty slider goes, i started the game on master as a default because my xbox is auto set to start me on the hardest difficulty of whatever game i'm playing that doesn't ask you to decide a difficulty. It auto set me at master difficulty and i still found it too easy. Block attack heal, block attack heal. That's all there is too it. I then tried a thief and found the sneaking to be terribly broken with it's one hit kills and such. And with a mage, well we all know mages are broken as hell anyways

  • I have a hard time believing such an Xbox Setting exists...

  • "I grew up on final fantasy."

    Well, the Elder Scrolls doesn't have much a of a relation, so maybe if you just like those Japanese RPGs.

    "I have a hard time believing such an Xbox Setting exists..."

    I agree, unless he's some sort of modder.

  • the main point was rpg's not shooters and i also cited the elder scrolls as a starter as well thank you. and the setting goes as such. open your xbox dashboard and click on your player profile. click next on the profile section which will open a new window. the next thing to click will be game defaults. the next window will state general, action, and racing in that order. click on general. the first option will be difficulty. set it to hard and any game that doesn't ask you for a chosen difficulty at the beginning will automatically be set to hard. check it yourself

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