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Post your Character Builds here!

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  • Level 31 Redguard

    Best Skills- Two-Handed and Smithing (82 and 93)

    Best Weapon ATM- Icebane v2 (Fire enchanted Ebony Greatsword- Legendary) Damage- 100

    Weapon Preference- Two Handed, Greatswords and Warhammers, Archery only for Dragons

    Questlines Finished- Main, Companions, Dark Brotherhood, Civil War (Imperial), and College of Winterhold

    Armor ATM- Ebony with Nahriikin (Helmet) and Orcish gauntlets.

    I'm not good at posting builds so feel free to give me pointers haha.



  • Level 40 High elf

    best skills level 100 smithing and 100 speak

    best weapon Deadric sword fire enchanted deadric greatsword fire enchanted and deadric bow fire enchanted all legendary i use all based on sitiation

    Quest lines finished companions, Dark Brotherhood, Civil War (Imperial), Collage of Winterhold

    Armor: Full dragon and getting Deadric

    I have 6 of the 8 dragon priest masks

    Highest path set is warrior

  • I have a lvl 25 high elf atm

    High magic and health

    Heavy armor and one handed

    Full set of steel plate armor

    Ebony shield and war axe

    Shouts unlocked 14? I think...

    Working on getting all the daedric artifacts

    Goodegirl aka Selene

  • I am the same, how many shouts do you have? And also weapon preferences?

    Goodegirl aka Selene

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