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your o **** dragon moment (skyrim)

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  • my o **** dragon moment was when i was traveling threw the marshlands in skyrim at lv 10 and i heard a roar in the distance. i had figured out how to take down normal dragons pretty easily so i at first wasn'teven redy . now remind you the marsh is pretty flat and has a lack of trees. so the dragon flies over me and i realise its not a normal dragon. it was a blood dragon which happens to be twice as strong so it basically killed me like 6 time before i crashed it with arrows and used unrelenting force to knock it out so i could get behind it. in other words the marshes scare the crap out of me.

  • Haha, mine was when I was in a small settlement town and I heard the dragon it landed, and I ran up to it and went to slash it in the face and it breathed Ice on me.  Surprising, even the i knew theses dragons existed I was'nt expecting a Frost Dragon to attack me, I thought it was a regular 1 haha, It killed me in 3 sec's ; )

  • not bad but mine was while i was fighting a giant ad its mammoths a blood dragon came down and decided i was the bigger threat at the time. lucky for me i had completed the main story line..... not going to ruin the end but.... lets jsut say i got some help and after using all of my potions and i mean ALL i some how lived.

  • i have to. one was at level 39 and wasnt going any higher because i didnt wana to pass the level barrier so  stronger dragons wouldnt appear. well existing the collage i hear a roar and im engulfed in flame. then an ancient dragon lands right next to me and eats me and throws me against the wall.  the other was while i was in an wide open area i was about to fight a giant when i notice TWO dragons circling the area. one dragon lands and when i turned to take precautions the giant slams me with his club. i went flying... literaly

  • Mine was a bit of a pain...I was at level 15 or so when I decided to do some exploring after questing for a long time. I see a dragon off in the distance, and I immediately think to myself "Hell yeah, I can unlock my Fire Breath!" Well, as it starts flying towards me, I hear a roar from behind me... Yet another dragon was near me, so I thought "Why not, this should be fun." A minute later, a third roar from behind...A cave bear appeared out of nowhere... I then thought "Oh S@$!# I'm gonna die..." When I thought I wasn't screwed enough...A third dragon shows up... Epic as hell to fight, not so fun on the health bar restores every few seconds.

  • I didn't know about that stringer dragon thing, so cools.  And also mine was when I was outside whiterun with giants.  I was killing one for a bounty, then all of a sudden I hear a roar.  An elder dragon comes out of no where and starts killing evrything, and when I get it down to half health an ice dragon appears out of no where.  This is where it gets interesting.  Some-how, some way, they dealt damage to each other or something and starting to fly around shooting flames/ice at each other and was freaking epic.

  • i ment stronger not stringer.

  • Mine started out as fending off a group of bandits.  Then the Blood Dragon shows up.  I was able to kill of the bandits, but I was low on health so I needed to run.  The dragon followed after me, and not 5 minutes later another dragon shows up.   By the time I arrived at Whiterun I had  three dragons chasing after me.  They finally started fighting each other and I watched an epic fight between dragons.    

  • mine started with a nice trip to the Ritual standing stones.  I was attacked by a necromancer and during our battle a Frost Dragon swoops down from the mountain and grabs the poor necromancer.  I immediately turn and sprint as long as i could into the mountain.  There i find a dragon burial mound in a ruined courtyard.  The dragon is not far behind me, i can hear it's roars.  Faendal and I duck behind a stone pillar and wait to ambush it.  I'm not sure why but the dragon soars over our heads and lands atop the ruins not 50 feet from us.  We began trying to sneak away, but every move we made the dragon would spew ice at the ground, effectively holding us hostage for nearly 5 minutes before i boldly dashed out from behind the pillar, knocked it off it's perch with a shout and stabbed it to death.  i never felt so much adrenaline from killing a dragon before.

  • Mine was while I was looking for my horse when i walked into a Giant fighting a dragon i was watching until i realise why are they both coming to my direction needless to say i was made into a pancake and cooked to a crisp

  • Mine was when I was on my way to an Imperial camp, for an Imperial quest, when I came to this valley of sorts. As an avid player of the game, I knew this is where most dragons were encountered. Except this time, I encountered 4. Yes, 4 dragons. All aggressive, Elder, and Frost. And where I was in the valley, I had no chance. Even if I was skirmishing on the sides with my bow, still no chance. If I was behind a rock shooting one, 2 or 3 would be either burning me or freezing me. I died in about 10 seconds.

  • When I discovered Meeko's shack I also noticed a circling dragon that had appeared; so my my o**** moment was thinking that the dragon bbq-ed him and that I didn't have enough healing potions to warrant a revenge attempt.

  • Mine was when i was attacking the giant camp between the hunters camp and the dragon stone so any way I was attacking the giant when 2 dragons decided they were going to attack me while I was busy and low on life kind of like when France attacked England while they were of fighting the third crusade any way i turned to fight the dragons and the stupid giant hit me with his club and shot me up like a missile.

  • My o **** dragon moment was when I was running to meet up with Delphine, so I could make it to the Thalmor Embassy. I hurriedly change clothes and all of a sudden...I hear a loud roar. A dragon comes from nowhere, my character glitches, Delphine and the townspeople and the carriage driver start fighting it. Then the dragon flies up in the air, starts twirling higher and higher. At this point my boyfriend amd I cannot stop laughing. I had to reload my save, run to the carriage, pray no more dragons came. Success! I manage to complete the quest. That was my weirdest moment in Skyrim

    Goodegirl aka Selene

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