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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Bethesda Drops A New Skyrim Screenshot

Get your first look at the Dunmer thief!

Bethesda polled the community on their Skyrim Facebook page about what race/player class people wanted to see revealed, and the Elder Council has spoken. Click below to get a larger view of the screen.

Source: Bethblog

  • Dunmer not Dumner.

    "The Dunmer themselves, previously known as the Chimer (changed folk) due to their worship of the Daedra, rather than the Aedra worshipped by the other Aldmer in Summerset Isle, gained their dark skin as a result of the Battle of Red Mountain which involved the murder of an ancient and respected hero known as Nerevar (the reincarnation of whom, dubbed the Nerevarine, the player assumes the role of in Morrowind in order to defeat Dagoth Ur). "

    "At the climax of the War of the First Council, the Chimer received their name as they were transformed into the ashen-skinned Dunmer. Most Dunmer attribute this to the curse of Azura. The curse of Azura was a curse in which it is believed Azura thought (and was probably correct) that the Tribunal had killed Indoril Nerevar during a ritual to summon Azura to ask the Daedra what they should do next. Azura appeared anyway (Nerevar now dead) and was furious with Almalexia, Sotha Sil, and Vivec for having killed the war-hero. She cursed them by turning their eyes "as red as the volcano lava" and their skin "as black as their hearts"."

    Edit: Fixed already!
  • He looks pretty *** angry

  • doesnt look like a dunmer D:
  • Those daggers look freaking sweet!
  • That armor looks pretty sweet, I wonder whats got him so worked up.

  • Hmmmmmmmmmmm. He looks a lot different than the ones from Oblivion
  • He looks beast!!!!!!!!!

  • Looks pretty cool, but frankly I want to see more of that city behind him, and the area around that city, and the area around that area. Just give me the freaking game already.
  • This game looks very nice, and I thought I would buy it. I never played any of the predecessors and I'm not an expert about the series. Should I buy Skyrim? How much do you recommend it from 0 to 10?
  • Take my money!
  • His skin doesn't look as blue, but they'll probably have the option for skin tone in the character creation screen.

    Very nice and that dagger looks wicked!

  • Wow Looks Sweet!
  • What's the burning thing behind him? A meteor?
  • The way he's wielding those knives is the most important detail no one has mentioned yet.
  • Im loving oblivion, i just cannot wait for this.xD
  • I want to see the Argonians...
  • I cant wait to go to Skyrim
  • Ive never been able to play as anything but a Dunmer in TES. They are just TOO badazz.
  • I hope the racial benefits aren't awful for some of the races like they are in Oblivion.

  • Mmm Skyrim. If he steals us some copies of Skyrim and delivers them to the needy (GIO) a little early. He will be my hero.
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