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  • Blog Post: Why I Love Skyrim

    This game is honestly one of the best I have ever played. I love combat in this game, the characters are very realistic, engaging, and when I accidentally killed Lydia, I teared up. The races make it interesting to see them all interact. Dragons make for great challenging battles, with the right skills... More
  • Blog Post: Best Game of the Decade

    At first I wasn’t expecting a whole lot out of this game, the graphics were 5 times that of Oblivions, but I was a prisoner who was about to be executed for whatever crime I had committed. But when I heard the dragons screech from out yonder, I became anxious as to what would happen next. Then the great... More
  • Blog Post: Review - The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (PS3)

    I'm not entirely sure if Skyrim actually has a true ending to it. and if it does, i feel i'm far from it. However, having beaten the main story quest, and putting a total of 100 hours into the game (75 hours on one profile, 25 on the other), i feel it's as good a time as any to hammer out... More
  • Blog Post: Evil

    Do not play this if you are a chistan or catholic i repeat do not play this to much evil,Cults stay away from this game. I had to give it a desent rating due to sound graphics and art. More
  • Blog Post: Skyrim is a great fantasy adventure that you'll be crazy if you don't play

    Skyrim was one of the biggest games of the year last year, and I didn't know if it was for me. As stupid as it sounds, I just wasn't sure if I would like it. I took a chance, and I don't know if it could've been anymore successful. Graphics are good. Not amazing, but can be pretty good... More
  • Blog Post: The Elder Scroll V: Skyrim, video game review

    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim takes place in northern Tamriel where you can pretty much do anything and explore everywhere. there will be plenty of quests to do, considering there are infinite procedurally generated quests. That should keep you preoccupied until the next game in the series is released... More
  • Blog Post: It's not a big game. It's a huge game.

    Skyrim is one of the biggest games I've ever played. The open world landscape is beautiful and the amount of gameplay here is incredible. I'm happy to report this is one of the best games of 2011. Howevever, even for an open world game this game has so many flaws. For instance the companion system... More
  • Blog Post: A True Epic That Is Yours Alone

    I saved the world. This seemingly epic conclusion is the common and stereotypical ending to a vast number of video games in the industry today, spanning all sorts of different genres. These grand adventures are no doubt all high octane thrill rides, giving you the pleasure of slaying an entire race of... More
  • Blog Post: JakandRatchet79's The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Review

    Skyrim. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion was most console gamers' introduction to Bethesda's line of big RPG's, and nearly every one of them held the game close to their hearts. So when, after an entire 4 years after Oblivion's launch, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was announced with its... More
  • Blog Post: An RPG of Extreme Proportions

    I have to be honest, when Skyrim came out, I wasn't really interested into buying this game. Boy I was an idiot for not buying it the second it was released. First off, the beginning of the game came slow when you were wheeled in as a prisoner waiting for your impending doom. Soon, you were saved... More
  • Blog Post: An RPG that just keeps you occupied

    A few years back I was watching my friend play Morrowind wandering how on earth was his mind being excited by such a seemingly dull story and interaction with the outdated early 90's first person prospective that feels as though the whole environment is just scrolling towards a helmet cam,To me that... More
  • Blog Post: The Best game of the history of games

    This game is awesome simple awesome, for me this game is like have 30 naked woman whit big @#$% and bad aptitude from your services where you want have fun. Just a stoic game!! More
  • Blog Post: getting it now-comment

    I got payed today and im buying it tonight. After all the reviews and people saying its good i finally decided to jump on board with it, but im scared caused i played oblivion and i didnt like it. It was to much walking and the way u stored weapons and armor was gay, and the character animations were... More
  • Blog Post: Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    I got Skyrim at the midnight release, and I'm finally getting to the arduous, yet satisfying task of reviewing it. Like many others, I was a latecomer to the Elder Scrolls franchise, beginning with Oblivion on the XBOX 360. Without making this a review-within-a-review, I'll just say that I played... More
  • Blog Post: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    Skyrim is an amazing game. I mean it's absolutely outstanding how detailed and creative they were in making this game. This is definitely the greatest game I've ever played. It's a game where you can literally do anything your hearts desire. This is why I think it's the greatest game... More
  • Blog Post: FUS RO AWESOME!!

    Skyrim one of the games that everyone looked forward to since the day the teaser was revealed. Now were going to get down to the review. Two weeks into this game and I am no where near done with the game side quests pile up faster that hell I don't know how to finish that joke but there are so many... More
  • Blog Post: The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim

    The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim offers an experience unexcelled from any form of competition. Bethesda has been able to capture what makes this series undeniable great, and tweak many of the gameplay mechanics to generate a timeless classic. Let me start off with the overall presentation. The world around... More
  • Blog Post: Skyrim: Bringing the Sky to the Edge of the North

    By: Richard Manklow As you enter the world of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim it suddenly hits you how breathtakingly detailed this game actually is. The amount of love and craft which has entered this game is unmatched; from the Nordic vistas of the cold hearted north land of the Empire, to the level of... More
  • Blog Post: If it doesn't get GOTY....

    I do not know what GI was thinking by not giving it a 10. Not one thing so far has placed it self in front of me that makes me think " Eh, that's points off". Everything about this game so far is unbelievable. From the world to the NPCs to the action. Bethesda has really done the world... More
  • Blog Post: The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim: Shout to the Peaks of Greatness

    Many great games have graced our consoles this year, from Arkham City to Dark Souls . Well far be it from Bethesda, developers of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion , to not have their game counted amongst the greats. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is a finely tuned, annoyingly buggy, incredibly fun gaming... More
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