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  • Blog Post: Amazing is the only word to describe it.

    I love this game. Amazing map with many locations to find and explore. So many diverse weapons, magic, and other items. The main story is great and the side quest will keep you playing for many many hours. Great sound and stunning graphics. I would highly recommend this game to anyone who loves RPG games... More
  • Blog Post: An RPG of Extreme Proportions

    I have to be honest, when Skyrim came out, I wasn't really interested into buying this game. Boy I was an idiot for not buying it the second it was released. First off, the beginning of the game came slow when you were wheeled in as a prisoner waiting for your impending doom. Soon, you were saved... More
  • Blog Post: Decent game, Many Problems

    Don't get me wrong, Skyrim is a great game. With all its glory, there is also horror. From the beginning you feel the need to find new lands and go to a new location. The endless amounts of quests brings you plenty of entertainment. Unfortunately, many of these quests are dull and boring, like talking... More
  • Blog Post: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim: A Beautiful World

    Werewolves, vampires and dragons, oh my. After a five year absence from the tumultuous land of Tamriel, Bethesda has returned to deliver a new iteration in the Elder Scrolls franchise; this game set in the dragon riddled province of Skyrim. As the fifth installment in the monumentally popular series... More
  • Blog Post: Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim review

    Fear my bow. It is known across the land as “Death From On High” and it keeps bandits awake at night, in fear that their lives may end with a swift arrow to the skull. I forged it in the fires of Whiterun and enchanted it in the basement of some reclusive old witch whom I murdered. I am a... More
  • Blog Post: The Never Ending RPG

    I havent played too many (if any) RPG games,so i cant say TES:5 Skyrim is the the greatest RPG ever...but it surely feels like it. First off this game is SO vast i am going to have to break the reveiw into parts.THE STORY.-I havent played any Elder Scrolls game,but i found (and heard) that this is the... More
  • Blog Post: Everything you could expect, and then some!

    Skyrim, what more can be said of such an immense, amazing, astounding and fantastic video game experience? This game is so close to the perfect game for me that it was harder than an old man on Viagra to decide what to give this game. In the end i give it a just shy of perfect score and only for a few... More
  • Blog Post: Skyrim the Layman's Review

    Disclaimer: Alright well of course there are about a million zillion reviews so what I have to offer may not be what your looking for. Overview: Well if you have been living under the world's largest and thickest rock ever, Skyrim is a RPG role playing game, in which you start out as a "dragonborn"... More
  • Blog Post: Review - The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    After spending about 5 hours completely submersed within The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim , I came upon a part of the game that truly shocked me. No, it wasn’t a dragon or any type of enemy—although they, in and of themselves, pack more than enough punch to pleasantly shock any gamer; it was actually... More
  • Blog Post: Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    I got Skyrim at the midnight release, and I'm finally getting to the arduous, yet satisfying task of reviewing it. Like many others, I was a latecomer to the Elder Scrolls franchise, beginning with Oblivion on the XBOX 360. Without making this a review-within-a-review, I'll just say that I played... More
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