At first I wasn’t expecting a whole lot out of this game, the graphics were 5 times that of Oblivions, but I was a prisoner who was about to be executed for whatever crime I had committed. But when I heard the dragons screech from out yonder, I became anxious as to what would happen next. Then the great dragon Alduin came swooping down shouting at me as if he wanted revenge on me. My first initial thought was, “This is going to be impossible if I have to fight that thing!” but when I made my way up through the tower and Aldiun blasted through the wall and scorched that poor soldier, it was right then when I said that this game was going to be kick ass!

                When I first entered the keep to leave I just had to mess around with my character for a while to see how I made my classes and everything. Probably my most favorite feature is the fact that you can duel wield spells and weapons, which makes it a lot more interesting when you don’t really use blocking, because then I could vigorously swing my sword and my axe around so fast that my enemies didn’t know what to do. The first kill cam I saw made me scream also, when the soldier was running away and I took my sword to his back. The thing that surprised me most is that there were no specific classes, and that’s when I knew this game was going to be my favorite, because I could do and be virtually almost anything. I also like how you get to choose the perks to make your character who you want it to be.

As far as graphics go, I personally thought they were phenomenal considering how far they came from fallout and Oblivion. The first thing that got me it the amount of gore that the Elder Scrolls hadn’t really shown in previous games, so when they cut off the first prisoners head in the beginning that really surprised me. And the kill cams, how they are in either first or third person, it really depends on the situation. Being able to cut off someone’s head and the detail in the scales of the dragons, the fur of the wolves, and the pores in the humans’ skin, it is amazing. Remember on oblivion when you talked to someone it would zoom in X20 on their face? Well that got sort of annoying so when I talked to someone in Skyrim it really surprised me when it didn’t zoom in on their face but also when everything around me was still in action. And the main reason this feature appealed to me is mostly because I could see around the character I was conversing with and could hear everything going on around me. Bethesda really outdid themselves with this feature as opposed to Oblivion and Fallout, because it gave me the challenge of having to know when it is ok to talk to people so I could stop talking and go into combat. And the soundtrack is amazing as well, I have it on my ipod, it actually gets me involved, when I am in the wilderness at my recently built house I just sit there going hunting for deer, fish, alchemic ingredients and other stuff. But when I hear the roar of a bear or dragon and the music starts, I instantly ready my weapon and start looking for the source so I can resume me hunting activities.

                There wasn’t much that disappointed me about this game, accept for the fact that it wasn’t as fast paced as the trailer made it seem. I was expecting oodles of dragons around every corner not only in the sky but also on the ground, and that made it less challenging for me anyways. Because now when I play the only challenge I really ever have is a really powerful dragon. Probably the only other disappointment I had with this game is the fact that you cannot control how your followers attack, whether they use a bow from a far or use their brute force and go in for the kill with their swords, because I am sick of my followers getting in the way of my arrows, or hitting me with theirs. That is really one thing I miss from Fallout. Another thing that disappointed me was the amount of glitches that are in the server, those need to be fixed, because with the Dawngaurd DLC that came out in September I can be walking down a random hallway and I will fall through the floor! But the playability is still really great because I still will laugh at the glitches when they happen mostly due to the fact because they are in my favor. I don’t really pay attention to what I do on the controller because it’s pretty much instinctive now because I’ve played so much, on the other hand I didn’t really pay attention to the controller when I first started.

                The Elder scrolls really outdid themselves with this game, I have easily put in 500 hours and haven’t discovered everything there is to discover, and I have an infinite amount of choices to what my character can be so the experience is different every single time. Overall I give Skyrim a 10/10 because it truly is the best game of the decade, it seizes to fail me. The graphics when I first started were phenomenal and the sound really gets me involved, there was very little with the game that disappoints me and they are really minor details. The character sandbox was amazing, and the overall execution of the game was perfect. I will easily be playing this game five years down the road until the next ElderScrolls for Xbox comes out.