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Do not play this if you are a chistan or catholic i repeat do not play this to much evil,Cults stay away from this game.


I had to give it a desent rating due to sound graphics and art.

  • True.

  • Moving. This really sold me

  • i understand why chistans shouldn't play...but what cults exactly?  All cults should stay away?  are there any cults that may find the story engrossing?  I just don't think you should paint with such a broad cult brush.

  • First of all, Catholics ARE Christians, genius. Secondly, organized religion, I can assure you, has caused WAY more problems than Skyrim ever could. Thirdly, I really didn't think people like you still existed, but I guess I was mistaken. Still trying to figure out how the game is "evil." It is a video game- just a video game. Take it down about a million percent, and stop leaving comments about things you have no idea about. Whether the game is "evil" or not (You have to be a moron to think so), giving it a 5.75 score drops the user review of a very well-crafted game, because of your psychotic religious beliefs. There's freedom of speech, and then there's just being a total moron.

  • First of all if this is such an evil game why did it get more than a zero. Plus Catholics are Christian and if you have a problem with violent video game stop playing the and there is nothing evil about it. Plus if I remember correctly the Christians forced their religion on people and attacked people and called them names ever heard of the crusades. So go back to church and leave us alone.

  • Evil?? really?? I can understand not liking it because of gore, or even just because you can kill people. but evil? really? hitler was evil, skyrim however, is not. btw, do you consider all people who play skyrim to be evil, or just living on the edge?

  • There is a difference between Catholics and Christians. Being a Christian myself, I would know the difference. The game in question is not an "evil" game. You just need to play with discretion and be able to separate fiction from reality and realize that somethings are just part of the fiction.