I would have to give Skyrim a 9.5. Everything is really good. The story lines in the Main Quest line to kill Alduin, and to fight in the civil war is very cool. The graphics from a good distance are very, very good. The mountains looks really cool, the exicuetion scenes when your character finishes off a kill able opponent is one of the many legit things about Skyrim. I also like how the game keeps track of a lot of the stuff you do, such as killing creatures, people, the dwemer atonitons, and the deadra. I also like how more realistic every thing looks. The mountains look amazing, the people have excellent detail, and the trees on the mountains look really good. The fusion of the water to the shore, vise versa, is stunning. The water flow in the water falls are also really good, and how you character flows with the rivers. Some of the things I do not like consist of the invisible walls that keep me from doing the exploring I like to do. The graphics are really good, but a little too good. By that I mean my 360 Arcade can't handle the level of graphics and consistently freezes and/or lags. This is really annoying when your in the fight of your life, and you just one hit away from death, you go to get a potion, when you do, game lags and didn't read the button that opens the menu, and the game freezes, you think "What the H**l is this?" then you think okay I just got to wait for the game to catch up, and when it does, you get hit and you die. Another thing would be how some things are out of synch. Like at the forgers, when some one uses a grind stone the foot of the person sharpening the weapon goes up and the pedal of the grind stone goes down, and the pedal goes up and the foot goes down. But aside from the problems I named, Skyrim is really good, but could be better. Most of my interest is in the story lines, and the quest I get from talking to people. I don't mind that because it keeps me playing the game.