Skyrim was one of the biggest games of the year last year, and I didn't know if it was for me. As stupid as it sounds, I just wasn't sure if I would like it. I took a chance, and I don't know if it could've been anymore successful.

Graphics are good. Not amazing, but can be pretty good. The score is epic. Going through the woods and hearing the epic choir start makes you know 2 things: 1. Your about to be attacked and 2. PREPARE FOR BATTLE. Story is good as well.

The Gameplay is spectacular. There's so much to do. I've spent about 10-20 hours so far. You can spend probably 100 hours, and still have more to do. It's mind blowing. Your going to keep on playing for a long time. Until you take an arrow to the knee.

Overall, this is a epic game. So much fun, and so much to do gives you a great experience. It's just that great. Overall, I would give Skyrim a

9.5 out of 10