The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim takes place in northern Tamriel where you can pretty much do anything and explore everywhere. there will be plenty of quests to do, considering there are infinite procedurally generated quests. That should keep you preoccupied until the next game in the series is released.


The level system is superb, user friendly, and made to suit the character you play. it’s loads of fun to buff up your characters strength until fighting a frost troll is almost as challenging as petting a fuzzy kitten. Or you could upgrade your stealth until the guards can’t see you two feet in front of them. However you choose to play Skyrim, your bound to have a wonderful time.

Final verdict: Dragons. Need I say more? I think not!


it’s no Uncharted 3, but when you look across Skyrim from the highest mountain top it is just breathtaking!


 Fire breathing, sword clashing, potion making, horse clip clopping, Arnold Schwarzenegger guards (not really), these are some the many sounds you may encounter in the world of Skyrim, and are all done quite well with the exception of a few here and there.


The combat system is excellent. leveling up your character and picking perks couldn’t be more fun.

Replay Value: