The other reviews had substantial validity, and yea we know about the bugs (which in some cases were kind of funny). A dragon flying backwards and staying just out of attack range had me laughing for sure. But what if the developer had thought things through just a little bit more. For instance, instead of having elder dragons, ancient dragons, frost dragons, and regular dragons that only either used fire or frost in battle against your character, what if the dragons used all the elements of the shout system (which was a great concept by the way)? Or how about some two-headed dragons with each head using a different shout in attacks? That would make your attack strategies more complicated for sure. Or multiple dragons attacking you at the same time? The combinations seem limitless yet these dynamics never developed. 

Another issue I had with the game was the inventory control system. Once you built up an inventory of armor and weapons, management became slow and tedious at best. What if the system had a means by which to program sets of armor and weapons for different fighting scenarios? For example, 3 "sets" icons on the inventory menu, and one could be built for resistance to fire, another resistance to frost, or another duel welding versus shield and sword or magic. Or any other combination of armor and weaponry the user prefers. This would have made inventory changes much quicker and kept the game flow operating without as much interruption. So the quick change buttons could change the entire "set" instead of just one piece of equipment.

This lack of attention to detail (and the bugs) is why my rating was reduced on Skyrim. But overall it was a fun game, but it could have been so much better.