This game is not for kids only because, most kids need a arrow to fellow and someone to shoot. In skyrim you fight everything with ether sword,axes,maces,sheild,magic,and The new shout which is pretty funny to shout people away. What ever you want to be you can do it, vampire sure why not, werewolf  go for, you can all so get married and have a house. Be carefull about what classic you pick because the people in the world will judge you on your race just like the real world. I made it to 25 and im still not done with one perk so dont put all of your points on one perk because you will need them all in order to bet the main campine mission's. Besides those things Skyrim is the best game in 2011 because people dont care about how real a game is they just want to have fun and something diffirent than guns.