Well I was oddlt shocked to find myself ever playing this game to begin with; I had a bad experience with one I played on the original Xbox and wrote off the whole series from then on. But After hearing so much about it from everybody, I finally decided to give it a spin. And note at first I didn't buy it for myself, my friend let me play it at his house when I was over- I would never have payed $60 to simply try out this game in a series I previously hated. Anyways, two hours into the gameplay and I was addicted, I was sad when my friend made me give up the controller so he could play on his file. So it didn't take me much time to get into this game, and as soon as I left I knew I had to get the game. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity of scrounging for money at every possible opportunity, I was able to purchase the game for myself. From that day even now as I'm writing this review I have been playing it nonstop. I'm right there with you no-lifers (no offense inteded.) I'm well over 100 hours and there's so much more left to do. There's so many things I can talk about that I really enjoyed in the game overall. The large expanse of the entire land of Skyrim is just awe-striking, not to mention all the individual caves and buildings and everything else-they clearly spent some good time making the huge place and did a good job making sure that the caves didn't all look like repeats of others in the game, each one was unique. I'm really glad they gave you plenty of stuff to do in this game; I played all the games in the Fable series all the way through multiple times within a month or two and quickly found myself with nothing to do, whereas in this game you will never have nothing to do. The character progression was good, I like how they had different traits that you could individually level up and then add perks ontop of it as you get to higiher levels. One thing in particular I enjoyed was crafting at the blacksmiths, being able to make many assorted armors and weapons, then upgrade them as you level up your smithing ability. I really enjoyed the different variety of things that you can craft, the many types of weapons and armors. Mining for ores is fun, it lets you go to a mine and find materials (for free!) that you can use for crafting items. I never much touched the enchanting and alchemy, but that's they were well-done, the only thing that I didn't like about enchanting was that once you disenchant an item, you can't disenchant another item with a stronger boost that has the same ability as one you have already disenchanted. Being able to use magic in the game was very fun and new to me in an RPG; typically I ONLY use two-handed greatswords, no shields, no blunt axes or warhammers, but I found that the magic in this game was actually kinda fun to use and I now incorporate it with my fighting style quite often. Another small but much needed thing they put into the game is the favorites list, I always find myself in different situations for combat where I need to adjust what weapon I'm using at the time, and with the favorites list, I'm able to switch from my Ebony Greatsword to my Nightinggale Bow with just the press of three buttons rather than having to cycle through all the menus just switch weapons. I really enjoyed fighting dragons in this game, they made me feel real macho as I sat in my gaming chair with my U.T. snuggie slaying the fearsome beast with just a few swings from my swords, though I will admit that after awhile the dragons can get a little annoying when I'm trying to do something and they just pop up in front of me. I really loved the lockpicking system! I found myself stealing thougout the game so much that I am now a master theif! That also brings me to my next point, the guilds. I liked how you can pick different guilds with their own unique quests and you are very handsomely rewarded when you complete them all. I've currently beaten all the guild missions for the College of Winterhold and the Theive's Guild and I found that they were both worth my time (10+ hours each.) I found that sneaking was very helpful in the game when you want to go incognito for the bonus stealth strike.I especially commend the game for its music selection, bravo! The music really captured the feel of the game, the different music that would trigger as you enter different situations. My personal favorites are the main menu and the dragon fighting sequence. I could probably go on rambling about things I really liked in this game but I know that know would want to finish my review. To sum it all up, I loved the game; it was exactly what I've been looking for in an RPG (and all the unfulfilled wishes of what I wish Fable was.) Unfortunately, my review does not end here. There is one word that everybody that has played this game is familiar with: bugs. This game is infested with a swarm of game bugs, there's so many that I honestly think that Bethesda will never release enough patches and updates to fix them all. They come so frequently that once you have finally beaten the game, you will have lost every last bit of patience that dwells within you. I could tell you a lot of stories of stupid glitches in the game that pissed me off beyond belief but I'll limit it to three: 1) When at my friend's house, his stepmom had just bought the game and had just finished the character customization, the dragon had struck and she ran into the building as you were supposed to to take cover, and usually while you climb up the staircase the dragon is supposed to burst through the wall where you would then jump out of the hole in the wall it left. Unfortunately for her, the dragon never burst through the wall and was stuck in the building. 5 minutes into the game and she was forced to start over. 2) Earlier in the game I had accepted a mission that I needed to join the stormcloaks, but never really got around to it, so it still sits in my quest list. Later in the main story quest line, I have to speak with the stormcloak leader for the peace summit, but he said I had a task to do and would talk to me until I completed it. So I go kill the ice wraith like he said in the earlier quest and come back to complete it. When I get there, neither the stormcloak leader or his general will show dialogue when I press the A button. So now I can no longer progress in the main storyline after 100+ hours into it. 3) I go to the companions group or whatever it's called and do some of the quests that they tell me to do. For who know whatever reason, one guy in the clan guild thing automatically gets in a fighting position like a guard making an arrest and starts dialogue with me every other second without me every hitting a single button. Then to make it worse, he had to accompany me for a quest through this cave and the entire way through it, during exploring, combat, everything, he starts doing his random every-other-second-dialogue and I can't look away two seconds without it triggering. I try to kill him, he keeps coming back, so continually found myself yelling "Shut up! Shut up! Shut the heck up before I slice your freaking head open!" *Major Rage Quit Moment* And I know that everybody who's played this game has their own unique stories as well as me. These bugs are annoying, so numerous, and cause so much collateral damage to the game files themselves that one who played Skyrim must live in constant fear of them. Therefore, I drop what I woujld have given the game by an entire half point just because of the bugs. Bethesda needed to be less sloppy when developing this game, the bugs ruined a potentially perfect RPG game. So I give this game a 9.5.