I havent played too many (if any) RPG games,so i cant say TES:5 Skyrim is the the greatest RPG ever...but it surely feels like it. First off this game is SO vast i am going to have to break the reveiw into parts.THE STORY.-I havent played any Elder Scrolls game,but i found (and heard) that this is the best one.It is about a person(your character) who is "Dovakin"(dragon born) destined to kill all dragons.I wont get into any more details but it gets pretty interesting.And once you beat that story there are TONS of others.You could join the Dark Brotherhood,join the Stormcloaks,chop some wood,assasinate a person,steal some money,become a werewolf, and TONS more.I cannot emmphesize the word "tons" enough,there are really unlimited amounts of missions after the main story.I also found my self getting side tracked,even though i wanted to do the main story.And yes,the side missions have great story lines themselves too,some better then other games!And to find these missions you might have to travel to different locations,and there are a LOT! As of this writing,i have played +70 hours into Skyrim and found about 150 different locations.And thats not even all of them!(To my estimation,there are over 200!)

COMBAT-And while traveling,you WILL run into enemies and will have to fight them.There are a varity of enemies,such as Wolfs,werewolfs,dragons,vampires,trolls,bandits,bears,spiders,ghost, and a lot more.And there are TONS of different ways to fight,all depending on you.In the beggining you can chose between 10(?) classes that all vary and have different skills,such as heal faster,more damage,resist fire and more.Although all classes are different,all could use the same weapons.You could be a mage and shoot fire and ice(at the same time),or maybe have someone do the dirty work for you and summon a monster to fight your enemy or you can use a huge flaming sword and be like a tank and kill everything in your way or become a little mage and tank(at the same time),use a one handed axe while using lighting in the other and there are MANY,many more ways to fight.You could also choose how to look.Your armor not only protects you,but makes you look cool.If you have light armor you are usally weaker but can run longer and it weighs less(you can only carry certain amount of weight). Heavy armor on the other hand weighs more,but protects a heck of a lot more.You can mix and match between the two,but it is better to wear all of one.Like with weapons,armor can be upgraded to protect more or deal more damage.You just need(for example)dragon scales to rank up dragon armor and you need glass stone to rank up glass armor,so on and so forth.

LEVELING UP-This game has one of the most user friendly skill tree and item selection.I dont play RPG,so when i got Skyrim i thought this game was gunna be hard to figure out and be difficult to understand...i was WAY wrong.You start of at level 1,then by killing and leveling up your skills,such as heavy armor,you rank up.(To level up skills,you just use them,such a heavy armor,just use Heavy Armor)When you rank up you get a skill point,you apply that skill to whatever skill you want(Archery.light armor,sneak,etc),and then boom...done.And the inventory menu is pretty easy too.You want to go to weapons,choose weapons,want to switch your magic? go to magic.,etc.You also have a "Favorite" list which lets you add a list of your favorite items.There is also a map of Skyrim,which is HUGE!and you could place waypoints anywhere you want.

OTHER-I probobly forgot a few things,but i think i got the majority.Oh,one more thing.If for some reason you dont believe Skyrim has unlimited missions,Bethesda Studios said they are making DLC and that it will have "Tons of meat".

PROS-Great story,endless missions,fun and addictive combat,easy format for newbees,great graphics and varity of areas and enemies.

CONS-Will spend TOO much time on it,SOME bugs and glitches but nothing i found too annoying.