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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

I Used Skyrim's Character Creator And This Is Who I Made

I often spend way too much time in any game's character creator. I usually surf through all of the options, make weird looking characters to laugh at, and then hone in on the character that I really want to make. At this year's QuakeCon, I had the chance to tinker with The Elder Scroll V: Skyrim's character creator. Since I only had one hour of total time with the game, I only spent a few minutes with the creator.

This is the feline abomination I made...

His name is Reiner (clever I know), and he's from the Khajiit race. I gave him a three-clawed scar under his right eye to show he's so tough that he doesn't even get along with his people. The character creator allows for every aspect of the Khajiit's face to be altered. I selected his ears, nose, mouth, cheek hair, eyes, as well as smaller details like eyeliner and hair stripes. I'm going to pretend that I love this character. Feel free to bash him in the comments below.

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  • Looks freaking sweet.
  • I think he looks cool.
  • haha. So you're a ***


  • Finally, Elder Scrolls gets good character faces! That already looks better than anything you can make on Oblivion or Morrowind.
  • I think I might actually spend time using the Character creator now
  • Niiice. Very tough.

  • Looks great! Good job Andy! The scar goes perfectly.

  • I don't know why I'd bash him, I just got done making the absolute ugliest Redguard ever, with a face so squashed in you'd think he was in prison for his own protection against ogres or something. Then I fixed him to be Rutilus Unus, The Shining One, an Imperial, who's face is practically glowing and whose hair is white/blue

  • i love khajiits, I like being a thief/assassin type character and khajiit's seem to fit that role. I love that all that other stuff is customizable now, khajiits all look so similar in other TES games so this should help make them all look unique. I'm so pumped to make my own khajiit :P
  • Not bad at all.

  • Are you kidding me? That is ***!
  • Why is he named Reiner? He looks more like a Steve.
  • You have no idea of how much I want to create a new Khajiit! Yours looks pretty sweet though! So with only an hour; can you already say GotY?

  • wow. if they made the *** kajiit look that good, i cant wait to see the Argonian's!!!!
  • Why would you bash him he looks like a bad ass.

  • I think he looks great. Oblivion's character creator was awful and this looks like an area Skyrim will be making a huge improvement.

  • Mod
    You would think a Khajiit would be against a fur skin on his wall... Now show me an Argonian already : (
  • I don't know about bashing him. He looks like one of the better Khajiit I have seen. I too have the same problem, spend way to much time with the creator. Took me over two hours in Oblivion just to make my Wood Elf.

  • Veeery nice! :)

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