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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

My Favorite Things About Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is one of the year's biggest games, in terms of both scope and anticipation. As someone who has poured hundreds of hours into the Elder Scrolls, I understand the excitement. While lots of things about Skyrim sound cool, here are a handful of moments that struck me as particularly awesome when I saw Bethesda's upcoming RPG in action.

Shouts Look Like Fun
I love playing mages, and with the addition of Dragon Shouts, the magic system in Skyrim looks to provide even more options. Even though I think the concept of yelling as a weapon is dumb, I can't argue with the results I saw in the demo. From breathing fire to calling down a storm (not just a tiny one; it covered sky as far as I could see), these abilities promise to add some awesome options to combat.

The monstrous creatures roam the world in Skyrim and act as the boss fights for the game. I saw the hero square off against two of these things, and it doesn't look like they pull any punches. They soar overheard, breathe fire, and look like they can completely wreck you if you aren't prepared. 

Radiant Story?
This is one of those things that sounds too good to be true. The locations of various quests and plot points can change based on the things you've done and the people you've talked to. In other words, if you've missed a cool dungeon, the game can move your quest activity to that area...though those tasks might be elsewhere if you already explored that particular dungeon. It will be difficult to see how exactly this plays out without getting extended hands-on time, but I'm excited about the possibilities.

Who likes menus?
As much as I love Oblivion, the interface isn't exactly elegant. Once you start getting lots of items and spells, navigating the menus is a sluggish. In Skyrim, the team is clearly trying to minimize the time players spend in the menus, with a cleaner layout and the ability to set various options as favorites for easy access.

Messing With People
With the ability to dual wield spells, I see the hero equip Detect Life and Frenzy. First he casts Detect Life, which displays the aura of two hostile guards standing by a tower (one of which is inside). Then he casts Frenzy on the one outside, which causes the guard to go berserk. He quicklky runs inside and out of view, but I see the two auras clash behind the tower wall, and then one of them fades out. I love taking enemies out like this instead of straight melee combat.

Riding Horses Looks Better
While I loved my horse in Oblivion, I was less fond of the way it actually controlled and moved thorughout the world. From the small bit of horseback time I saw today, I feel like that concern is being well addressed in Skyrim. No word on whether you'll be downloading any horse armor this time around, though.

Third-Person Is Still There
To be clear: I never play Elder Scrolls games in third-person. I think they look weird and feel even worse from that perspective. However, some people clearly like playing that way, the team continues trying to refine this control scheme for the (probably few) people that use it. I swear I'm not being sarcastic when I say I like this; I've been known to play Oblivion in some strange ways, and I'm glad Bethesda keeps its fans' bizarre tastes in mind.

So, that's my perspective on what I saw. I can't wait until November so I can start uncovering even more folds in the gameplay. While we're waiting, though, don't forget to check out these new screens and visit our hub for even more Skyrim info.

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  • Hope I can lure a dragon into a town!!! lol
  • Mod
    That's just awesome. I don't really like playing third person in elder scroll's, but it help's when you play the PS3 version of oblivion. I'm glad they're keeping it in the next game...just in case. :)
  • I absolutely can't wait for this game! 11 11 11
  • I like all of these points, but I think yelling in an ancient language as a weapon is awesome, as opposed to dumb. To each their own.
  • I want to duel wield shields and charge into people. Lol
  • This one is gonna be tight! XD (or so it looks)

  • The scope of this game is going to be just ridiculous. I'm going to turn in to a hermit for a while when this finally comes out. Definitely the game I am most excited for this year.
  • The dragons alone would have been enough to capture my attention. But Skyrim... man. Yay mage!
  • Why does November have to be so far away D:?!! Oh and hey im ome of those few people that like third person view,though I use while im in towns or outside of combat.
  • The thing that sucks is that it is going to be plauged by bugs on launch.
  • My 2011 Game List is COMPLETE: Skyrim,Rage,Portal 2,Battlefield 3,Uncharted 3,Mortal Kombat,Dark Souls, and Assassin's Creed: Revelations :D
  • i never understood why people play these games in third person
  • lol that whole dragon shout thing reminds me of when saruman was like shouting at the fellowship from miles away and creating that avalanche
  • Bethesda, please give us horse armor.
  • Top game of this year for me...too bad I will have to wait another TWO YEARS TO PLAY IT!!!
  • Forget MW3, BF3, and everything else, all my time is going into this bad boy. It made me so happy when Todd Howard said there was over 300 hours of gameplay!
  • Even though third-person is lousy to use in combat, it feels great to be able to see your character running around the world in your armor, and so forth. Don't be hatin'!
  • My favorite aspect to this game is one which I'm not even sure will happen xD. Basically, when the magazine cover came out requiring a person to translate it themselves, I was hoping there would be more of this in the game. Basically, one could find random documents in this language which you could ignore or take the time to inspect and translate. Who knows? Maybe you'll run into a scroll in Dragonic language which points out the location for some awesome armor.
  • This is a revolution in rpgs. I wish I could befriend the dragons and they'd lend me their strengh instead of killing them, though. But this game is too great to see any flaw. I hope there are little bugs at the beginning. 5 months sure look much longer now. Can't wait!!!
  • I Just Cant Wait For The Full Package.
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